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12/16/2008: Office/Medical condo sold on Mill Plain
12/09/2008: Firm renews lease at Mill Plain One
12/09/2008: Executive Suite leased at Mill Plain One
12/09/2008: Class "A" office subleased at Mill Plain One
11/19/2008: Firm renews lease at EastRidge Business Park
11/18/2008: Bank moves to Vancouver Business Park
11/17/2008: Firm renews industrial space at Quad 205 Business Park
11/13/2008: Eye care institute to open clinic February 2009
11/13/2008: Convenience store to open on Fourth Plain
11/06/2008: Class "A" office subleased at Parkway Plaza IV
11/03/2008: Firm Renews lease at Quad 205 Business Park
11/03/2008: Warehouse space leased for medical supplies distribution firm
11/03/2008: Hi-tech R & D firm leases space at Creekside Business Park
10/22/2008: GIS software firm leases space at CTC
10/20/2008: Eric Fuller & Associates, Inc. Associate Broker awarded CCIM designation
10/07/2008: Private investor purchases 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial land
10/03/2008: Bowling Alley Sold to Non-Profit Shelter
10/02/2008: Custom Electric Contractor relocates to Quad 205 Business Park
09/30/2008: 5.0 Acres of Land Sold to Developer
09/26/2008: EastRidge Business Park Goes GREEN
09/25/2008: National Financial Planning Firm Relocates to Fisher's Landing
09/16/2008: Office Space Subleased at Third Court
09/10/2008: Sputtertech, Inc. Renews Space for Main Branch Location
09/10/2008: Firm Renews Their Field Service Office at EastRidge Business Park
09/04/2008: Graduation Supply Company Relocates
08/27/2008: Beneficial Life will relocate in November
08/22/2008: Class "A" Office Leased to University
08/18/2008: Distribution/Wholesale Warehouse Leased
08/15/2008: Alpha-Tec Systems Leased 17,498 sq. ft.
08/13/2008: Ground Lease at the Port of Camas/Washougal
08/11/2008: Acreage Purchased for Land Development
08/08/2008: Industrial Space Leased in Portland, OR
08/06/2008: Lots Sold at Minnehaha Business Park
08/01/2008: Flex Space Renewed
07/16/2008: Warehouse Space Leased at Quad 205
06/23/2008: Office Space Leased at Business Park
06/18/2008: Computer Manufacturing Firm Relocates
06/18/2008: Clinic Renews Flex Space
06/18/2008: COSCO Fire Protection Leases Space
06/18/2008: IT Services Firm Moves to EastRidge
06/18/2008: Local Carpet Supplier Renews Space
06/16/2008: Warehouse Space Leased at EastRidge
06/09/2008: Insurance Agency Relocates
06/03/2008: Warehouse Space Leased at Port
05/30/2008: Flex Space Leased at Business Park
05/26/2008: Office Space Leased for Recruitment Firm
05/12/2008: Restaurant Subleases Retail Space
05/05/2008: Industrial Broker represents Landlord
05/05/2008: Firm Renews Lease
05/05/2008: Chiropractic Firm Leases Space
05/05/2008: Flex Space Leased at EastRidge Business Park
05/05/2008: Office Space Leased at Mill Plain One
05/05/2008: Industrial Space Leased in Vancouver, WA
05/05/2008: Tanning Salon Moves to EastRidge
05/05/2008: WSU Renews Lease
05/05/2008: Firm Renews Office Space