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12/21/2009: Office space renewed in business park
12/21/2009: Office lease extended at EastRidge
12/17/2009: New nail and spa salon to open in Fisher's Landing
12/16/2009: Office space leased at Burton Plaza
12/10/2009: Space renewed at EastRidge Business Park
12/10/2009: Office space leased at The Fisher Building
12/02/2009: Financial consulting firm leases Class "A" office space
11/09/2009: Accounting firm leases office space
11/06/2009: Manufacturing firm leases bay at Port
11/05/2009: Fitness center to open in Business Park
10/27/2009: Office space renewed at EastRidge Business Park
10/27/2009: Firm renews administrative offices
10/22/2009: Firm expands at EastRidge
10/22/2009: Suite leased at EastRidge Business Park
10/21/2009: Firm renews at EastRidge Business Park
10/19/2009: will relocate to Fisher's Landing Retail Center in December
10/14/2009: Portland firm relocates to Quad
10/13/2009: Home office/work shop sold
10/07/2009: Firm renews regional administrative office
10/02/2009: Insurance office leases space at One Towncenter
10/01/2009: Auto machine repair shop leases warehouse
09/30/2009: Collections agency renews at Business Park
09/30/2009: Contractor renews office space at EastRidge
09/29/2009: Tutoring firm secures renewal at EastRidge
09/29/2009: Financial group renews at EastRidge
09/28/2009: Technology firm leases office space
09/28/2009: Auditors expand space within EastRidge
09/28/2009: Warehouse relocates to Westside
09/28/2009: Firm renews for additional year
09/25/2009: Firm expands space at EastRidge
09/15/2009: Insurance agency to open in Hazel Dell
09/14/2009: Software firm plans expansion at Columbia Shores
09/14/2009: Firm renews and expands their regional office space
09/02/2009: Pet products distribution secures space
09/02/2009: Attorney leases office space
08/19/2009: Restaurant to open for year-end
08/18/2009: Office space leased at Mill Plain One
08/18/2009: Office space leased at EastRidge Business Park
08/17/2009: Industrial warehouse subleased
08/01/2009: Option to purchase executed
07/31/2009: Vacant industrial land sold
07/13/2009: Space leased at Columbia Tech Center
07/10/2009: Coffee company leases space at EastRidge
07/01/2009: Printing firm renews space at Quad 205
07/01/2009: Wholesale distributor leases warehouse space
06/26/2009: Math and reading center to open in Cascade Park
06/24/2009: Battle Ground office building sold
06/19/2009: Lease term extended for 4,400 sq. ft.
06/19/2009: Tenant extends terms at business park
06/11/2009: Financial services firm secures office space at Mill Plain One
06/08/2009: Software solutions firm secures space at EastRidge Business Park
06/02/2009: Firm renews space at industrial business park
05/14/2009: Construction development agreement leads to land sale
05/12/2009: Distribution company relocates to business park
05/01/2009: Financial services location to open in Fisher's Landing
04/22/2009: Industrial facility sold
04/13/2009: Retailer to open in Fisher's Landing
03/06/2009: Industrial supplier relocates to Quad 205
02/23/2009: Call center extends Class A office lease
02/23/2009: Spa will open Spring 09 at Orchard's Market Center
02/23/2009: Shopping Center leases space
02/20/2009: Chemical company leases space at park
02/19/2009: Custom Electric Contractor expands at Quad 205 Business Park
02/05/2009: Industrial warehouse/storage space leased
02/04/2009: Tenant leases expansion space at Quad 205
02/01/2009: J/FIT.COM leases warehouse/storage space
01/29/2009: Port of Vancouver purchases 110.0 acres of waterfront
01/28/2009: Medical office leases 2,355 sq. ft.
01/21/2009: Merchant banking services firm moves to EastRidge
01/21/2009: Firm extends lease
01/21/2009: Restaurant to open at EastRidge Business Park
01/19/2009: Restaurant renews space at EastRidge
01/19/2009: Firm renews at EastRidge Business Park