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12/28/2011: Medical Transportation Company Leases Space at Burton Plaza
12/27/2011: Recreational Gear Consignment Shop to Open at Burton Plaza
12/01/2011: Liberty Tax Leases Space on 164th Avenue
11/21/2011: Peace Health Leases building in Vancouver
11/21/2011: Lincare Inc. leases space in Vancouver
10/27/2011: Space leased in Fourth Plain Shopping Center
10/24/2011: Panther systems leases office space
09/22/2011: Park Plaza Suite Leased
09/21/2011: Nlight leases Vancouver Space
09/19/2011: Cascade Park Space Leased
09/01/2011: Warehouse Building Sold
08/30/2011: Crossroads Shopping Center
08/19/2011: Barber Shop to open in Burton Plaza
08/17/2011: Software business leases space
07/28/2011: Restaurant building sold in Vancouver, WA
07/01/2011: Counseling center to open at Heron Gate
06/21/2011: Telecommunication firm expands their space
06/15/2011: Relocation and growth in Cascade Park
06/07/2011: DIRECTV leases industrial space
06/01/2011: Office space leased downtown
05/27/2011: Industrial building sold at EastRidge
05/17/2011: Restaurant renews retail space
05/17/2011: Restuarant renews retail space
05/09/2011: StairMaster leases office space
05/01/2011: RadioPopper renews and expands
05/01/2011: Industrial warehouse space leased
04/28/2011: Bakery to open in Orchards
04/18/2011: Warehouse distribution facility leased
04/14/2011: Office building sold in Orchard's
04/05/2011: Oregon firm leases office space
04/05/2011: Office space leased downtown
04/01/2011: Office space leased in Cascade Park
03/30/2011: Fish market to open on Burton Road
03/30/2011: Unimproved land sold in the Van Mall area
03/23/2011: Industrial space renewed
03/18/2011: Industrial space leased
02/25/2011: 1.06 acres of residential sold
02/17/2011: Office space leased near Vancouver Mall
02/09/2011: Industrial space leased at Creekside Business Park
02/09/2011: Space leased at Port of Camas/Washougal
01/31/2011: New restaurant concept to open in Fisher's Landing
01/21/2011: Pizza shop to open in Salmon Creek
01/21/2011: Space renewed in Business Park
01/21/2011: Auto parts retail to open in Fisher's Landing
01/14/2011: Undeveloped land sold in Battle Ground
01/14/2011: Office building sold in Washougal
01/11/2011: Office space leased in Cascade Park
01/10/2011: Warehouse space leased at Port of Camas/Washougal
01/10/2011: Warehouse space leased at Quad
01/04/2011: Salon to open in Hazel Dell